Monday, July 13, 2009

Colorful date

Raeghn and I were headed out on a date and the sky lit up. Major dilemma. I commented on how amazing the sky looked. She agreed and then asked where we were eating. I said maybe we could look and see if there were any restaurants over "there". She agreed. I thought she knew I was joking and that I was really in pursuit of a picture. I drove around like crazy trying to find an angle that would catch the incredible light. She finally caught on and was far more understandable than she should have been! I'm sure blessed!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Storm just for you

On the way to my son's scout camp just below Yellowstone, I saw this little farm as the sun was setting. It seemed to have it's own little storm happening. I've posted two "treatments" of the scene. As always, comments are welcome and help me get a feel for what looks and what is not that appealing. Sometimes it is hard to separate your emotions you had when taking the picture and keeping a objective opinion. In the end it all comes down to personal taste and I'm interested in yours! Don't forget to click on these to see the high resolution versions to see the detail or lack thereof. Thanks for looking.

Car Show

I took the kids to the Summerfest Car Show. They got tired of the picture taking after 20 minutes and jumped in the creek for the rest of the day. We all had a great time. I found the hardest thing about shooting this show was isolating the cars from the backgrounds, people, other cars, bad reflections, etc. I've posted here some of the ones I took extreme measures to isolate.

Before Andrew gave up on shooting in favor of swimming, he was swinging his point and shoot camera around his wrist beside this car. Of course it came off and flew into the door! YIKES. Some of these paint jobs cost over $10K. Thankfully he chose to accost the only shiny car without a paint job. There wasn't a mark on it and we quickly moved on. CLOSE CALL.Got a little silly on this one and photoshopped in some cat eyes....

This little fellow seemed to be smiling at me so I captured his cheesy grin from front on.
This was probably the coolest paint job at the show as it reflected the colors around it.

Hogle Zoo

For the 4th we took our kids to the Hogle Zoo. I'd say it was the busiest day of the year. Brilliant but we had fun. I've thrown a couple of pictures that jumped out first. I'll probably post more later.

Liked this fellow hanging out in a tree above me. Guessing from his stare that he is a good judge of character.The rhinos seem to "wear their emotions on their sleeve" regarding their lives of captivity. I'd rather be shot...?
This baby giraffe's mouth seemed to look like a creature in and of itself (nostrils are the eyes).
Again sticking out it's tongue playing hide and seek.
Another animal that seems unable to hide its enthusiasm for hanging out in the jungles of Salt Lake...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th

What a great country we live in! I've posted some pics from the industry that feeds us.
For those of you who can stomach over the top HDR, here is a shot of some sheep two days ago between Logan and Nibley.
Here is one of my hero's my brother Dave out fixing his pivot irrigation system. I'm sure glad we have men like him that will work like they do to keep the food coming!
This is sort of a Red-White-Blue themed tractor shot near Mendon Ut.
As a farm kid, I always preferred the horses that you put fuel in but the real things are sure beautiful.These two shots were "very early" attempts in my photography to catch how great a good crop looks. I wouldn't normally show such quality pics but I needed some crop representation...

I went overboard trying to emphasize the glow on this abandoned harvesting operation.

Water Falling

I thought it might be a good idea to post some waterfall pictures, showing more beauty from this great country.

These are the Undine falls in Yellowstone.Here are two shots from my favorite spot up Logan canyon. It was early winter after a major freeze. I recommend viewing them expanded to see the ice formations.
In Yellowstone this Spring there was quite a large runoff and a lot of energy in the streams. I love the tree at the top of this picture that is laying across the stream.

A fall shot up Spring Hollow in Logan Canyon.After what shouldn't have been a grueling hike with my 12 yr old son Wayne at Camp Lowell (sp?) at the bottom of Yellowstone, I collapsed in front of the Union Falls and got this shot.

The clouds were ominous this day at Yellowstone's Grand Canyon Upper Falls. I was just starting photography and I didn't get the exposure right but you get the idea...?
Another more typical shot of Undine falls.
This is one of those spots that is just neat to be at but you can't really capture it on your camera. My boys and I call it "Funky Rock" and as a result I've forgotten the real name for the area. The erosion of Funky Rock is quite amazing. There are little cascading waterfalls all around it and it's a great place for kids to play.

After another hike which shouldn't have been physically debilitating, I collapsed in front of these falls in the Uintas. My good buddy Delon Olsen accompanied me and we had a great day trying to capture this beautiful site.
Here is a closeup of that stream up Spring Hollow last year after the deep freeze .
Thanks for coming to the site. I sure appreciate the support!