Monday, June 29, 2009


Looking through my pictures today, I discovered that I have quite a fascination with water reflections. I've posted some of my favorites below:

This was a sunrise near my home at the marina.
This is another shot down by Anglesea in Southern Australia. There was a break a ways out and it formed the greatest waves when they hit.This is probably my favorite of all time, but no one seems to want to buy it at the art shows?... These swans were off the road in Alaska near Anchorage. I had to use a long lens and they are not the clearest but some people have liked the picture anyway.
This is the most and probably only ironic picture I've really taken. I was left in the dust (as usual) by my wife training for a triathalon and I had to stop my bike and take this picture in the ditch. It also helped give an excuse for being an hour behind her...
I saw this sunrise in my rear view mirror on the way to work one morning just west of Logan and I had to stop and jump in the ditch to catch it.
This reflection was found along the same road in Anchorage Alaska.
This was a sunrise in Yellowstone park near the West entrance.

I took my son Andrew out to take pictures of baby geese in the morning and loaned him my jacket. He waited quite patiently as you can see.

San Diego is probably Raeghn and I's favorite city in the US. Here is the sky line from the little island just off the coast.
Having a little fun with long exposures.
As you read before, I got stranded on the Rottsnest Island in Australia. Having nothing to do, I spent most of the night playing on the beach.
I was glad to find the water quite still as this fluffy cloud floated past.
On the way home from Logan I saw this sight but had no tripod so I braced my camera with a stick to a road sign for this 10 second exposure.
I was again fortunate by the Tetons to catch a 10 minute calm of the waters to get this reflection with my 10mm lens

The two shots below are from the marina by our house. I used a technique called HDR which is a combination of three different photos shot at different exposured and then blended together.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Some of my favorites from Australia and New Zealand

I really enjoyed Australia and New Zealand. Incredible people and huge farmer breakfasts. One of the trips down was paid for by Rio Tinto. Business class is the only way to go but I believe the tickets were $12K. Near the city of Perth is an island called Rottnest. Here is a shot from the beach.This wave crashing scene was at the peak of the island. I was on bike as it is one of the few ways to circle the small island.
I spent way too much time chasing these crabs around and ended up missing my ferry back to Perth and had to stay the night and missed church.

This waterfall on New Zealand was at the end of a hike that Raeghn and I took. It was a beautiful walk.
We found a little LDS church group on the North end of the island that met in someone's home. This little mauri girl and her brother were the cutest kids on the earth other than ours!
Australian lighthouse no longer in use.
We were told that it is extremely rare to see a koala in the wild and yet we saw two. This one was just off the path in a rain forest. He modeled for 20 minutes until Paul Lewis (co-worked) begged me to move on. Almost as cute as those kids.
Down by Melbourne is a little town named Anglesea and it has the coolest beach I've ever been too. This shot among the rocks shows the town in the distance.
In New Zealand Raeghn and I took one of those "Swim with the Dophins" boats. The weather was so rough that they wouldn't let us out of the boat. All I got from the ride was this picture. Fortuantely it has sold more than any other photo I've taken. Ironic, and I don't really think it's near one of my best. Obviously I don't have mainstream taste I guess.

Caribbean Personalities

The only kind of people photos I really enjoy are candids, especially street candids. Here is a sampling of the interesting people I saw down in the Caribbean.

This blind musician was awesome.

This fellow was quite the salesman. I think he knew we couldn't get things past US customs but he sold to us anyway.

Caught these two school girls parting ways. All the students had to wear uniforms which made for great pictures (I think so anyway)...

I've felt like this fellow a couple of times this year. Down on his luck and few reasons coming to mind for reason to smile.

Jehova Witnesses working the streets.
Their dress and architecture were bright and varied. I really look forward to returning.
Another fellow not to excited about his options going forward.

School bus
All of these candid pictures came off without a hitch until this lady. She saw my shutter open and close and jumped up and started running my direction and demanding money. Worse than some of those cows on the farm with the newborn calves.

Loved the colors and the characters.
She was making some very strong points in this animated conversation.
Some of the beauty along the way.

Bikes were the most common form of transportation.
This big man was in big trouble from the little lady. Run boy run.
Public Servant after a long day.
Ever feel like a conversation is going nowhere?