Friday, June 4, 2010

With wings

Felt like it would be a good day for posting things with wings. The first two shots were from a fun canoe trip planned by Levi as part of the Logan Photography Club. Levi did a great job and we had a blast. The butterfly is from a Vancouver Island garden.


  1. Makes me wish I could fly!! The pictures are spectacular! The reflections in the water are so cool! Love ya bro.

  2. The pictures are fabulous !You do birds and I'll do flowers ,.I try all the time to get a great picture of our Cardinals, there are lots of them around but the are in the tops of trees ,or fly away just as I get ready for a good shot . Thanks for updates we love them!

  3. Next time you are on Vancouver Island and want to take pictures of butterflies in a garden you need to visit the Butterfly Gardens. It's a Photogs dream.