Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summerfest contest

Well my son and I had quite an adventure participating in the first annual Summerfest photo contest. We did miserable in the contest but had a blast. I'll share stories and pictures that didn't make the cut. Basically we had 60 hours to find the best pictures we could and submit framed prints. This first image is the sunrise on the first morning. Shad and I went flying out of the house at 5:40 am (I skipped my 5:30 basketball all week!) and headed for the marsh. We didn't get far as the sun was rising quickly so I pulled off on the side of valley view highway and threw on my gumboots and stumbled over a barbwire fence into the mud. I found the best composition I could in the minute I had, slammed my tripod as deep into the mud as I could and started firing away. I had charged all my batteries EXCEPT the one in the camera. Back I ran through the mud and caught my inner thigh on a sharp barb. After freeing myself I ran to meet Shad who'd retrieved it from the other side of the road. Hurtled the fence again (a little more careful this time!) and started firing away again.The other shot I entered was of this red barn off the road in Benson at sunrise the next day.
Shad and I were up til 4:00 am Tuesday morning trying to get star trails at Tony Grove lake. Here is what Shad came home with. (more on these two later)
Here is Shad's second shot just outside of Logan. The lady at the framing store liked it way better than mine and wanted his autograph!


  1. I love all three of these, but my favorite is the top one. Just incredible. David did "miserable" in the contest too. :)


  2. Love them all. I am so glad that Shad is enjoying it with you .. Quality time. Great work Torries!

  3. They are awesome !Thanks for taking the time to teach your children to see the beauty in nature !!love Mom