Saturday, July 11, 2009

Car Show

I took the kids to the Summerfest Car Show. They got tired of the picture taking after 20 minutes and jumped in the creek for the rest of the day. We all had a great time. I found the hardest thing about shooting this show was isolating the cars from the backgrounds, people, other cars, bad reflections, etc. I've posted here some of the ones I took extreme measures to isolate.

Before Andrew gave up on shooting in favor of swimming, he was swinging his point and shoot camera around his wrist beside this car. Of course it came off and flew into the door! YIKES. Some of these paint jobs cost over $10K. Thankfully he chose to accost the only shiny car without a paint job. There wasn't a mark on it and we quickly moved on. CLOSE CALL.Got a little silly on this one and photoshopped in some cat eyes....

This little fellow seemed to be smiling at me so I captured his cheesy grin from front on.
This was probably the coolest paint job at the show as it reflected the colors around it.

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