Saturday, June 27, 2009

Some of my favorites from Australia and New Zealand

I really enjoyed Australia and New Zealand. Incredible people and huge farmer breakfasts. One of the trips down was paid for by Rio Tinto. Business class is the only way to go but I believe the tickets were $12K. Near the city of Perth is an island called Rottnest. Here is a shot from the beach.This wave crashing scene was at the peak of the island. I was on bike as it is one of the few ways to circle the small island.
I spent way too much time chasing these crabs around and ended up missing my ferry back to Perth and had to stay the night and missed church.

This waterfall on New Zealand was at the end of a hike that Raeghn and I took. It was a beautiful walk.
We found a little LDS church group on the North end of the island that met in someone's home. This little mauri girl and her brother were the cutest kids on the earth other than ours!
Australian lighthouse no longer in use.
We were told that it is extremely rare to see a koala in the wild and yet we saw two. This one was just off the path in a rain forest. He modeled for 20 minutes until Paul Lewis (co-worked) begged me to move on. Almost as cute as those kids.
Down by Melbourne is a little town named Anglesea and it has the coolest beach I've ever been too. This shot among the rocks shows the town in the distance.
In New Zealand Raeghn and I took one of those "Swim with the Dophins" boats. The weather was so rough that they wouldn't let us out of the boat. All I got from the ride was this picture. Fortuantely it has sold more than any other photo I've taken. Ironic, and I don't really think it's near one of my best. Obviously I don't have mainstream taste I guess.


  1. Wow Mel, you are a great photographer. I'd have to agree with you--in comparing the picture in the previous post that you said was one of your all time favorites, and this one with the ship, I'm surprised the ship one sold more. Maybe the ship appeals to the old-time romantic.

  2. Mel! great to have you in the blogosphere! lol.. I loved your "reflections" post a ton, it includes many of my favorites from your images. However, I must admit that while I really really like your boat sunset reflection (the one your said is your fav), the sailing ship one caught my eye more than any of the others. Something about the rustic/romantic aura of a sailing ship, combined with the somewhat gloomy looking light, and the intersting rain/cloud combinations in the sky... I think overall it is a super simple pictures, and perhaps people are drawn to elegant simplicity...

    Well, those are just my thoughts. I loved in your emaail where you said "get any child to show you how to follow the blog..".. lol

    Great pictures, great portfolio. You need to tell me sometime how the art show/summer fair things have gone for you! do you own a printer? I've been thinking about getting one eventually.. anyways..