Saturday, June 27, 2009

Caribbean Personalities

The only kind of people photos I really enjoy are candids, especially street candids. Here is a sampling of the interesting people I saw down in the Caribbean.

This blind musician was awesome.

This fellow was quite the salesman. I think he knew we couldn't get things past US customs but he sold to us anyway.

Caught these two school girls parting ways. All the students had to wear uniforms which made for great pictures (I think so anyway)...

I've felt like this fellow a couple of times this year. Down on his luck and few reasons coming to mind for reason to smile.

Jehova Witnesses working the streets.
Their dress and architecture were bright and varied. I really look forward to returning.
Another fellow not to excited about his options going forward.

School bus
All of these candid pictures came off without a hitch until this lady. She saw my shutter open and close and jumped up and started running my direction and demanding money. Worse than some of those cows on the farm with the newborn calves.

Loved the colors and the characters.
She was making some very strong points in this animated conversation.
Some of the beauty along the way.

Bikes were the most common form of transportation.
This big man was in big trouble from the little lady. Run boy run.
Public Servant after a long day.
Ever feel like a conversation is going nowhere?

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