Monday, January 24, 2011

Mansion Gallery

Here is some video during a slow time at the gallery Saturday night. We had about 300 total for the day come through which made for some great exposure and a good time. How do you like the new venture into multi-panel displays?

My son Shad, Levi, and myself had to do an 'all-nighter' to get everything up since I was out of town all week in Tucson for my other job. Shad is here pounding out the stretcher frames and I'm nailing the final touches...


  1. The video is a bit blurry, but I love the multi-panel shots! Was that Chad and Jen Smith there? Anyway, awesome live music too! Way to go bro!

  2. Your photos are always FANTASTIC!

    I loved your multi-panel much I think I might just have to try one in the future.