Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I have been in a "break the rules" mood in photography lately and I will continue the trend with this blog. Instead of a theme or common thread, I will continue to break the rules of good blog entry design by throwing out three different pictures from different seasons and locations.

This is a shot up Spring Hollow two weeks ago.This is along the beach in La Jolla California from earlier this month. I tried to capture a little of the action as waves lapped the beach. Click for higher resolution view.

I took this in late summer with my son at Oxbow Bend. The sun was just coming over my shoulder and lit up the flowers for some foreground interest.


  1. This is the Blog Police, we've had reports of out os season posting on this blog; please desist.

    That second one is striking! The cool waves bookended by the warm sunlight is awesome. Excellent foreground interest and composition all the way through. Thanks for sharing!

  2. dang, I want that mountain picture on my wall!! It's spectacular!

  3. I love them all... and rules are meant to be broken! I love your photography and I cant wait to be able to afford more pieces.