Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wow. I have thousands of pictures to go through from the last month and I will not have the time to get them up for a while but I wanted to get my weekly post out at least. Shad and I participated in the Worldwide Kelby Photowalk. This involves wandering around town as a loose group of up to 50 people capturing a bit of your world to share with the rest of it. We gad a blast. Here are some of my favorites. I'll post more later.

I liked the repeating patterns on this historic building and the park bench.
We have some great lamps lining main street giving it an old time feel.
This was the best capture I could find on the theme of nature rising through the asphalt world we've created.
This is my favorite image from the day. I've never seen a hat better leveraged for a tool box!


  1. These are incredible. I love the second to last.. you should title it 'Perserverance'. lol, but it tells a great story. You do amazing!

  2. These are very nice...but you didn't hear it from me until after I choose the winner.