Sunday, May 30, 2010


Just throwing out a couple of shots from two recent trips. I didn't quite get the DOF I like on this butterfly but loved the dripping 'intake straw" (I never did well in biology memorizing all those parts!) See the large view to see straw better.
This is my daughter Kaera reaching out to touch a piece of heaven... Well actually she was trying to strangle it and rip it from the earth where from it receives its nourishment but that doesn't sound as good (She proved this motive in other encounters).
These two shots are from the marina in LA. They aren't good enough to get their own posts but I worked so hard to get something there that I had to post them anyway! (unprofessional, I know) I've given these an HDR feel but they are only single shots.

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  1. Are those real marinas or staged ?What is a HDR?? LOve MOM