Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mission San Xavier del Bac, Arizona

Had an overnight trip to Tucson for a meeting and ran out to this famous mission that Ansel Adams liked to take pictures of. It was quite dark and I had to use 30 second exposures to get any detail. As I was waiting for these long exposures I figured I'd multi-task and have my "goodnight talk"with Raeghn my wife. While we were talking some stray dogs started barking and cornered me. I softly told Raeghn I had a dog issue, hung up, and started walking slowly backwards towards my rental car about 50 yards away. My heart was going and my mind ran through a large assortemend of endgames. Most of which involved many stitches and a male nurse named Ortega. I made it and headed for home. Not as many shots as I'd hoped for but alive to download the images. Thank heavens for Raeghn's praying me back to the car!


  1. Cool pictures! Glad you weren't eaten!

  2. I recognize these from Adams' work! You've created some stunning images here, Mel--especially with the streaming stars. I like the color, too--is that a result of white balance adjustment?

  3. I wish you'd gotten some flash shots of the dogs! I wonder if that would have scared them off or made it worse. That'd turn you into a photo journalist instead of a landscape photographer, right?