Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sheep Grazing

Heading into town I saw this in my rear view mirror heading into Nibley Utah. Did a U-turn and caught this just in time. 15 more seconds and it was gone.


  1. Incredible! At what focal length and aperture did you shoot this? I guess your aperture may have changed as you bracketed...? Or is this a single exposure? Really a beautiful image.

  2. Great HDR Mel! I really love how HDR helps accentuate sun-rays! I love the composition and feel that the vignette really helps make the scene. I am wondering if you have ever tried running noiseware on your finished HDRs? ... It seems like then end up a bit grainy, and sometimes I have found the de-noising helps... (I noticed it mostly in the blue sky by the barn...) Just a thought.

    One other thought, could you make a psuedo HDR from one exposure, and use it for the sheep that moved, so they aren't ghosted?...

    Anyways, great shot, I'm glad you caught the awesome light and great scene!

  3. I love this picture!! Way to seize the moment!